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Friends of Nubuke Programme

The Nubuke Foundation mission is to record preserve and promote our history and culture for future generations. The foundation collects and collates information about Ghanaian heritage by encouraging intellectual debate.

The dream of the Nubuke Foundation began over fifteen years ago, and began to come to fruition in the last three years. Our first major project, in 2006 was the commissioning of a photographic book of Ghana, Ghana: A Portrait. Through ArtHaus we have continued to build on our reputation as the partner of choice for programmes in the visual arts.

In the last 4 years, we have taken bold and exciting steps to breathe life into our dream, working with partners at the national and international level.

Why become a Friend of Nubuke?

Our Ghanaian cultural heritage is rich and multifaceted, however very little is being done today to record, preserve and promote our history and culture for the benefit of future generations.
The Nubuke Foundation has an important role to play in this endeavour.

The Foundation finds itself at a cross roads with many opportunities and a rich network at hand. There are a growing number of talented artists, tourism in Ghana is growing, and globalization is leading to artistically interesting fusions and creative meetings. Our hope is that Nubuke Foundation at its unusual secluded space in East Legon will be an additional vibrant venue to the cultural life of Accra.

Express your support for the arts. As a nuFriend you become a member of the Nubuke family. With your financial commitment we can continue to be creative whilst you can continue to enjoy our various programmes. We have a variety of membership categories, each with additional benefits.

For more information or if you would like to become a friend of Nubuke please email

Hands-on experience and learning enhances understanding of exhibitions …

Friends of Nubuke Programme