visual arts and culture of Ghana


From 2015 till further notice, art and craft workshops on collages, screen printing, beading, tie and dye, Asafo flags etc will be run on request. Workshops can take place during the day or in the evenings.

Workshops can also be tailored for individual requirements.
All workshops now take place in our newly constructed workshop pavilion.

  • August holiday Workshops

    Variety of workshops in drawing, weaving, tie and dye. Call for details.

  • Silhouette workshops

    Family silhouette workshops with Mary Evans using paper transfers and techniques reminiscent of the era of W.E.B. Du Bois. 6 March 2014 at 12:00pm. No registration necessary.

  • “We are Africa!” Print Workshop

    On the 2nd and 4th March, in celebration of Ghana’s Independence Day. The workshop was led by Tanzanian bornĀ print-makerĀ Gadi Ramadhani who is also the curato of KokoTen. The workshop was on Monotype printing and was attended by students from Ghanatta College of Art and Design, KNUST, Wesley […]

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