visual arts and culture of Ghana

Art Talk

Art Talk is a space we’ve created for visual artists to interact on issues which affect us and our world. This event is extremely beneficial to artists, student artists and anyone interested in the genre.

Activities include discussions on issues related to visual culture and the world, film showings,with the opportunity to critique them, as well as presentations made by artists relating to their works and ideologies.


  • See Me, See you Conversation between Eric Gyamfi and Ato Annan- 28 November 2017

    Eric brings the audience to ‘see themselves’ in the subjects in his photographs. Touching on very emotional and personal journeys, Eric is certainly portraying the tales of many people. The conversation continues with the interactive board in the gallery.

  • Discussion after Film Screening-In the year of the Quiet Sun

    Awudu Salisu will briefly discuss philately in Ghana to introduce the film-‘In the year of the Quiet Sun’ by the Otolith Group -regarding commentary on world events adopted by nations through the use of stamps.  

  • Journey of (Re)Discovery Forum at 5:30pm

    Some of the artists and the curator will talk about their approach to creating work for the exhibition which will be showing at Nubuke Foundation and the heritage site- Ussher Fort concurrently. Artists’ works include installations in ceramics, video, sound, poetry and photography…

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