The Language We Speak

Nov 27 2017

The British Council is celebrating this with a series of arts and creative economy events culminatin ...

Vittles Food Festival

Nov 25 2017

From low-calorie healthy meals to indulgent naughtiness Vittles is set to feature food from the fine ...

Art Fair: ArtXLagos

Nov 03 2017

Nubuke Foundation is proud to participate in the 2nd edition of Art X Lagos.Patrick Tagoe-Turkson's ...

Lagos Biennial

Oct 14 2017

Theme: "Living on the Edge"The first edition of the Lagos Biennial of contemporary art will be held ...

Ghana Must Go: Critical Mass Main Gallery

Oct 03 2017

Ghana Must Go (GMG) is a three-year programme supporting creative solutions to contemporary problems ...

An African walks into an Echo Chamber

Sep 14 2017

Short pieces from 8 Ghanaian writers stitched together into a theatre production exploring communica ...


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